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    Get back to doing what
    you love

    New Zealand-wide injury management,
    wellbeing and rehabilitation

    Get back to doing what you love

    New Zealand-wide injury management,
    wellbeing and rehabilitation

    It feels great when you’re able to get back to the things you love

    Recover smoothly

    Injury management, wellbeing and rehabilitation services where you need it most

    NZ-wide clinics
    At work
    At home
    Rest homes
    Private hospitals

    At TBI Health you can trust us to get you loving life again

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    Trusted experts to help you get the treatment you need when you need it


    Manage your injuries and health concerns confidently with treatment plans that work


    Reduce the risk of future injuries and health concerns with on-going rehabilitation plans

    Wellness is easier with TBI Health


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    It’s simple to get TBI Health expert help. With services all over New Zealand just pick the area that is most convenient to you


    Meet your expert

    At TBI Health we live and breathe health and wellbeing and want to help you get back to enjoying work, life and play


    Do what you love again

    Get your life, recovery or workplace wellness back on track and successfully getting back to doing the good stuff you love

    We believe you deserve to live injury-free and with pain management that works


    We understand that pain and injury can have a massive impact on all aspects of your life, wellbeing, work and relationships. Which is why we’ve gathered a team of trusted, registered health professionals who can help get you on the way to managing pain, recovering from injury and preventing future injuries. 

    At work, home or play, we offer a complete wrap-around service tailored to your individual needs. 

    As one of the largest providers in New Zealand, we’ve teamed up as a Joint Venture Partner with Southern Cross Healthcare to make sure you have easy access to the care you need. 

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    Kiwi Wheat Bag Nature Range

    USL Sport Premium Kinesiology

    USL Resistive Exercise Band 1.5m

    USL Lumbar Roll D-Shaped

    Loumet Massage Spikey Ball

    USL Sport Shoulder Pulley

    ACC Contracts

    TBI Health has a simple, hassle-free referral process making it easy for ACC Case Owners to get their clients back on track.

    Our joint partnership with Southern Cross Healthcare extends our large team of experts and gives clients access to an integrated health network across New Zealand.

    A wide range of services are flexible to meet your needs and those of your clients.


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