Covid-19 has changed the way we think, the way we work, and the way we act. It has made us start to do things that are outside of our “norm” and we have found ways to do things far more efficiently. Switching to online grocery orders might save two hours a week and working from home could saved up to three hours of travel time per day! Same outcome, just a different way of doing things, and more time to spend doing the things we love.

Healthcare is no different. During the Level 4 lockdown, we had to quickly adapt to seeing all our patients online via Clinic in the Cloud – Telehealth services. We found we could deliver the same excellent service, just in a different way, and the result for the patients was less time travelling and sitting in waiting rooms.


Fast forward to our “new normal” and we can continue to save you time and money. Our Clinic in the Cloud – Telehealth for Business Service means your staff can be seen by a healthcare professional whilst they are still at work. Whether they are working from home, the office, a hut, a boat, or a different site every day of the week, they can see their healthcare professional without having to go anywhere. Increased productivity, decreased time off work, and a happy, healthy employee.

Clinic in the Cloud – Telehealth Prevention service

While working from the kitchen table may have been OK for a few weeks, it is definitely not the best option long term.  Our Clinic in the Cloud – Telehealth Prevention Service is excellent for ensuring your employees working from home have the optimal set-up. Our Occupational Therapists or Physiotherapists can assess workstations by video consultation, and suggest any changes or equipment required to minimise the risk of gradual process injuries.

Clinic in the Cloud – Telehealth Early Intervention service

If your staff member has recently developed some pain or discomfort, then our Clinic in the Cloud – Telehealth Early Intervention Service is the way to go. Our Physiotherapists can assess your employee within 1-2 days of the referral and provide them with advice and exercises to get them moving again. We can provide follow up appointments to ensure all is on track and report back to you with anything practical that can be done to keep them engaged in work.  This can all be done from a private space at your workplace to minimise disruption to the day.

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