Young woman having back pain while sitting at desk in office

Managing back pain

Back pain is a very common problem with over 85 percent of the population having an episode over the course of their lifetime.

Thankfully, back pain can usually be managed and controlled with some simple exercises. For some helpful tips on managing your back problem, our back pain relief guide can help put you back in control.

Understanding your back pain

Back pain doesn’t need to be scary. The first step in relieving your back pain is to understand what movement does to your pain. If you can determine what makes your pain better, you are on your way to taking control and finding relief.

Identify your back pain pattern in four easy steps

It’s important to know that if you are among the vast majority of back pain sufferers, you are probably experiencing a mechanical problem.

This means that the source of your symptoms is likely to be coming from one of the spine’s physical components:

  • the bones
  • the discs or
  • the joints.

The main patterns of back pain are identified below:

The good news is that mechanical back pain almost always falls into one of the four common patterns of pain. Once you recognise your typical pattern, you can take steps on your own to quickly reduce pain.

Simple ways to reduce your pain

Now that you’ve identified your particular pattern of pain, we’ll show you some simple ways to control your symptoms and get back to normal.

For fast relief:

Daily tips

  • When sitting, use a straight- back chair and a five-inch lumber roll to support the curve in the lower back.
  • When working stooped over, take regular breaks to perform sloppy pushups.
  • When standing, place one foot on a box, step or rail. Alternate feet frequently.
  • Lie on your stomach, over a pillow(s) if necessary, and rest on your elbows. Alternatively lie on your back with your lower legs on the seat of a chair and your knees drawn up over your stomach.
  • Tighten your stomach muscles to maintain a pelvic tilt as you walk.

Need help?

We’ve achieved proven results with our back pain pain programme over the past 15 years, so it’s fair to say we’re experts in back and spine pain management. If you’d like some tips on managing your back pain download our back pain relief guide or get in touch so we can assess and show you some techniques to help you manage.