TBI Health are pleased to announce that we have recently been selected by the Ministry of Health to provide a new service in the Lower North Island for people with hip or knee arthritis.

We are working with Arthritis New Zealand to help people learn how to manage the condition, before it becomes a big problem.

This work is part of the Mobility Action Programme, an initiative run by the Ministry of Health.

What is the Mobility Action Programme?

The Mobility Action Programme (MAP) will fund a range of programmes for people with musculoskeletal health conditions so that people have improved health outcomes.

These outcomes include reducing pain, and the impacts of the musculoskeletal conditions, so that people will be able to better carry on activities and functions that are important to them.

Providing the right support at the right time will help people manage their musculoskeletal condition better. This means their quality of life will be improved and the need for surgery may be reduced.

A fundamental principle of the MAP is that the right care is provided in the right place at the right time by practitioners with the right resources.

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