Workplaces that are healthy and safe are more productive, save money and improve the quality of life of their people and communities.

TBI Health Clinic in the Cloud Telehealth service can help keep your employees healthy, safe and more productive at work. Clinic in the Cloud appointments with our experienced clinicians are available nationwide at a time that suits, allowing your employees to save time in travel.


We use Microsoft Teams to deliver Telehealth services to our clients. Microsoft Teams is a secure, encrypted platform which enables us to conduct video consultations to stay in touch with our clients at a distance. Clinic in the Cloud Telehealth service can be carried out anywhere, anytime via the Microsoft Teams app or clients can connect via a webpage.

To refer for Clinic in the Cloud Telehealth service, please continue to use your usual referral process to TBI Health.

Considerations for Clinic in the Cloud Telehealth service with clients

To get the best out of Clinic in the Cloud Telehealth service, the following is required:

  • An email address and mobile phone provided to us prior to the call to enable us to access the individual through our practice management system.
  • A private ‘safe’ place, ideally at home or in a private office space for the consultation.
  • Access to a computer, tablet, smartphone or laptop with good internet connection.
  • An in-built camera or external webcam to allow video conferencing capability.
  • If using a smartphone, the client will require Wifi or suitable cellular network coverage for Clinic in the Cloud Telehealth service to work.

Should the connection fail, the therapist will conduct the assessment over the phone or call the client to arrange an alternative option.

If you have any questions or issues regarding this service, please contact your TBI Health relationship manager.