Early reporting and intervention is the most effective way to support staff to stay at work.

Getting in quick helps reduce the cost to businesses and minimises work disability. 

This early and proactive approach can reduce the need for an injury claim in many instances and can prevent your worker’s symptoms from progressing into something more substantial. 

We report data that can help you plan initiatives to prevent injuries and ill-health.


Providing a quick response to reported pain, discomfort or ill-health

Early identification

Identify problems early and get in quick to manage symptoms and causes

Convenient location

Providing expert care wherever your team is located throughout New Zealand


Giving your workers the tools to proactively manage their health and wellness

  • Simple centralised booking process
  • Fast response within 1 business day
  • Optional initial online assessment to minimise time away from work
  • Tailored early intervention programme
  • Single point of contact for your programme
  • Access to a national team of experts
  • Individual reporting
  • Clinic-based physiotherapy treatment if needed
  • Co-ordination of interventions
  • Workplace visits to assist fast recovery

Well at Work Services

Prevention Services

Injury and Illness Management