We are excited to be a licensed provider of the PD Warrior programme in Wellington. PD Warrior programme is an education, exercise and support programme for people diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease.

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Designed by a neuro-physiotherapy specialist, the programme is based on research showing the benefits of certain types of exercise to help the brain make neuroplastic changes, which help slow the progression of Parkinson’s Disease.

PD Warrior is challenging but incredibly fun. It connects you with like-minded people who also want to fight the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease.


Our PD Warrior programme can help you by:

  • Identifying the type of Parkinson’s Disease you may have.
  • Developing a customised exercise programme for you.
  • Providing a strong support network to help keep your motivation levels high.
  • Empowering you to maximise your abilities.
  • Improving quality of life, and symptoms such as depression, fatigue and discomfort.

TBI Health’s experienced neuro-physiotherapists in Wellington will take you through the PD Warrior programme. This involves a detailed assessment, followed by a number of one-on-one physiotherapy sessions to get you up to speed with the programme.

Upon completion of the one-on-one sessions, you will be invited to take part in the PD Warrior 10 Week Challenge. The 10 Week Challenge involves attending at least one PD Warrior group exercise class per week for 10 weeks. Attendees are also be given access to detailed PD Warrior resources in hard copy, online and via a smartphone app.

For further information, check out www.pdwarrior.com.

How to make an appointment

To book an appointment with one of our PD Warrior Physiotherapists, simply give us a call on 
0800 824 432 (select option 2) or make a booking online.