We understand the benefits of keeping staff at work. 

A timely return to work following injury or illness helps workers maintain their confidence and skills, achieve better recovery outcomes, reduces the cost of lost productivity and overtime, and helps retain the investment the company has made in the skills and knowledge of its team. 

By providing a holistic, multidisciplinary and proactive approach, we work together with all stakeholders to achieve sustainable outcomes.


Return to work planning and co-ordination

Used in conjunction with a workplace assessment, we liaise with all relevant parties to facilitate, support and monitor the return of an employee to their pre-injury or illness duties. Learn more about fully-funded return to work support for ACC claims.


Injury and ill-health rehabilitation

TBI Health’s rehabilitation service provides effective treatment and rehabilitation following injury or illness. We’ll assess the problem, set appropriate goals and develop a personalised rehabilitation plan. 

Well at Work Services

Prevention Services

Early Intervention Services