Professional sports coaches know the mental and physical state of their team members influences their results.   

In the same way, business leaders need their workers to stay injury-free and functioning to their full potential. 

TBI Health can help your workers stay at the top of their game by reducing injury risks in the workplace and equipping them to perform their tasks safely and efficiently.


Manual Handling Training

We provide a range of options available for delivering Manual Handling training to your staff, tailored to your business and the tasks performed.

Workplace Education and Workshops

A TBI Health consultant will provide tailor-made workshops or one-on-one sessions for your staff, to meet the specific needs of your organisation.

Job/task analysis and risk assessment

After assessing how workers carry out their tasks, the environment, physical requirements and processes we’ll advise how to reduce risks and prevent injuries and ill-health.

Pre-employment screens/Functional capacity evaluations

Giving you critical information in determining a worker’s functional capacity to carry out a particular job.

Mental wellbeing

Life can be messy and unpredictable. Our mental wellbeing services help your team remain, sustain and/or return to work.

Eating Well

Poor nutrition is a major risk factor for many chronic diseases. Helping your staff choose nutritious eating patterns can help support employee health and contribute to reduced sick leave and increased productivity.

Well at Work Services

Early Intervention Services

Injury and Illness Management