Helping your team stay well, comfortable and productive at work

New Zealand-wide Well at Work services

Prevention Services

Early Intervention Services

Injury and Illness Management


Worker injuries and ill-health can have a huge impact on business. Preventing ill-health makes great business sense.


Health concerns happen. Help your workers recover smoothly and confidently with self-care and treatment plans that work.


Help your team get back to work with on-going rehabilitation plans and a proactive well at work plan.

Ready to help your team stay well, comfortable
and productive at work?

It’s no secret that ill-heath can have a huge impact on business


Whether they occur at work or not, there’s not only the financial implications of injuries and ill-health but also the emotional and social toll on the team member, their family and colleagues. Making physical and mental ill-health deeply frustrating for all involved.
We understand it’s vital for businesses to receive appropriate and consistent advice and intervention at the right time. 

Well at Work makes great business sense

● In 2018 New Zealand lost 7.4 million working days and $1.79 billion due to absence, and recent workplace surveys show this has been trending upwards since 2012.

● In NZ, just one-third of employers think their staff would benefit from improved wellbeing while 48 per cent of small businesses believe happy, thriving staff lead to increased productivity.

● For every $1 a business spends on wellbeing in the workplace $4 is saved.

At TBI Health we make providing wellness at work simple

  • Comprehensive prevention, management and rehab services
  • Outcome tracking to help planning and prevention
  • Simple, hassle-free referral process
  • High-quality, professional allied medical experts
  • Nationwide coverage
  • Flexible services to suit budget and needs
  • New Zealand owned
  • Helping you meet your Health and Safety at Work requirements

TBI Health Well at Work services

Prevention Services

Early Intervention Services

Injury and Illness Management

Being well, comfortable and productive at work is easier with TBI Health

Prevention Services

Professional sports coaches know the mental and physical state of their team members influences their results.   

In the same way, business leaders need their workers to stay injury-free and functioning to their full potential. 

TBI Health can help your workers stay at the top of their game by reducing injury risks in the workplace and equipping them to perform their tasks safely and efficiently.


Manual Handling Training

We provide a range of options available for delivering Manual Handling training to your staff, tailored to your business and the tasks performed.

Workplace Education and Workshops

A TBI Health consultant will provide tailor-made workshops or one-on-one sessions for your staff, to meet the specific needs of your organisation.

Job/task analysis and risk assessment

After assessing how workers carry out their tasks, the environment, physical requirements and processes we’ll advise how to reduce risks and prevent injuries and ill-health.

Pre-employment screens/Functional capacity evaluations

Giving you critical information in determining a worker’s functional capacity to carry out a particular job.

Individual prevention workstation audit

Get ahead of the game in preventing injury before it happens. Individual assessments and reports.

Workstation set-up

These quick assessments are a cost-effective way to set up office-based workers to minimise injury risk and maximise comfort. 

Mental wellbeing

Life can be messy and unpredictable. Our mental wellbeing services help your team remain, sustain and/or return to work.

Early Intervention Services

Early reporting and intervention is the most effective way to support staff to stay at work. Getting in quick helps reduce the cost to businesses and minimises work disability. 

This early and proactive approach can reduce the need for an injury claim in many instances and can prevent your worker’s symptoms from progressing into something more substantial. 

We report data that can help you plan initiatives to prevent injuries and ill-health.

Quick response

Providing a quick response to reported pain, discomfort or ill-health

Early identification

Identify problems early and get in quick to manage symptoms and causes

Convenient location

Providing expert care wherever your team is located throughout New Zealand


Giving your workers the tools to proactively manage their health and wellness

  • Simple centralised booking process
  • Fast response within 1 business day
  • Optional initial online assessment to minimise time away from work
  • Tailored early intervention programme
  • Single point of contact for your programme
  • Access to a national team of experts
  • Individual reporting
  • Clinic-based physiotherapy treatment if needed
  • Co-ordination of interventions
  • Workplace visits to assist fast recovery

Injury and Illness Management Services

We understand the benefits of keeping staff at work. 

A timely return to work following injury or illness helps workers maintain their confidence and skills, achieve better recovery outcomes, reduces the cost of lost productivity and overtime, and helps retain the investment the company has made in the skills and knowledge of its team. 

By providing a holistic, multidisciplinary and proactive approach, we work together with all stakeholders to achieve sustainable outcomes.


Return to work planning and co-ordination

Used in conjunction with a workplace assessment, we liaise with all relevant parties to facilitate, support and monitor the return of an employee to their pre-injury or illness duties. 

Injury and ill-health rehabilitation

TBI Health’s rehabilitation service provides effective treatment and rehabilitation following injury or illness. We’ll assess the problem, set appropriate goals and develop a personalised rehabilitation plan. 

Pain management

Helping your workers with early access to a multidisciplinary team of pain management experts who provide customised programmes to improve activity levels and independence. 

Spine Care

TBI Health’s Spine Care service provides effective treatment for people suffering from acute and chronic back pain, neck pain and spinal pain.

Mental health

TBI Health’s Psychology service provides treatment for people suffering from depression, anxiety and other emotional health symptoms.

Employment Support

If an accident or illness is preventing your client from being in employment, our team can help them reach their employment goals.

Being well, comfortable and productive at work is easier with TBI Health