Our expert TBI Health dietitians are here to evaluate, diagnose, and address nutritional concerns. They provide valuable guidance on nutrition, diet, and can help your employees manage chronic diseases, achieve weight loss goals, improve digestive health, and more. Count on our dietitians to support your team throughout New Zealand.

TBI Health dietitians can help your employees:

  • Manage nutrition-related conditions that contribute to poor health, absenteeism (e.g. type2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, gut issues, body weight, blood pressure, cancer survivorship, managing shift work)
  • Group webinars – our dietitians can work with groups of employees who have similar nutrition issues, enabling peer support for behaviour change
  • Carry out food and nutrition environment/policy audits. Make the healthy choice the easy choice!
  • Help your staff avoid the ‘fridgey-five’ when working-from-home
  • Mentor workplace nutrition champions
  • Hold an open forum Q&A. Heard about the new diet trend, is it really a good idea?
  • Provide nutrition snippets for staff that you can publish via your newsletters/intranet or website
  • Virtual supermarket tours

Our dietitians are available for video and phone appointments throughout New Zealand. To make a booking, click on the ‘Book online’ button below and select ‘Clinic in the Cloud Telehealth’ to view appointment times available.


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How to make an appointment with a dietitian

An appointment with a dietitian can be made through a video or phone consultation with our national Clinic in the Cloud Telehealth services.

You can book online via our national ‘Clinic in the Cloud – Telehealth’ services, call us on 0800 824 432 or email tbireferrals@tbihealth.co.nz and we’ll get the ball rolling.