Please see below for the Terms and Conditions and Invoicing Details for delivering services on behalf of TBI Health.

Terms and Conditions

It is expected that you will:

  1. Provide the service +/- reports within the timeframes requested 
  2. Where formal reporting is required, provide a Word version of all reports to Where comments or suggested changes are necessary as part of our Quality Assurance programme, the TBI Health reviewer will edit the report and return to the assessing provider to make the changes before finalising the report. 
  3. Immediately advise of any non-attendance to appointments or non-compliance with the service. In the event of multiple non-attendance or non-compliance, please hold off re-booking the client until we have ascertained the client’s ability to continue. 
  4. Keep your own clinical notes and provide them to us if requested.
  5. Complete all data reporting requirements that you are advised of. 
  6. Adhere to the principles of the Privacy Act and advise us immediately of any breaches of privacy or near miss events. For TBI Health’s Privacy Statement please refer here.
  7. Ensure that informed consent is gained and documented for all client interaction including collection, disclosure and storage of client information. Please note, if you are using your own consent form it must include a statement to advise that TBI Health will be holding client information for the service they have been referred for. 
  8. Inform us immediately of any breaches of these Terms and Conditions.

Invoicing Details

  1. The invoice for the service(s) you provide is to be emailed to by the 5th of the following month OR at completion of the service (please refer to referral email for details). 
  2. Please address all invoices to: TBI Health Group Ltd and include the following details:
    • Your business name and address 
    • Your business bank account details and GST number 
    • Client’s full name, DOB and claim number (if provided) 
    • Appointments attended 
    • The total sum due
  1. Payment will be made on the 20th of the following month from invoice date and once all the necessary documentation has been received.  
  2. Payment for non-attendance will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis and where the programme is withdrawn prior to completion only attended sessions will be paid for. 
  3. For privacy reasons, send only one invoice per email.