We enjoy having diversity in our company and have continued to recruit a huge number of clinical staff from overseas.


We have employed clinical staff who have come from United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa, Hong Kong, United States, and more.

We are an Accredited Employer with Immigration New Zealand. What this means is that you can study for up to 3 months in any 12-month period or do any study through a NZ tertiary provider if required as part of your employment. You also become eligible for a Straight to Residence Visa for most clinical roles currently under the Green List Category.

To be considered for a role, you need to have registered with NZ professional body for your occupation and have a current Annual Practising Certificate to be able to practice in NZ.

Here are some useful links for our overseas qualified candidates:

Physiotherapy NZ Board

Occupational Therapy Board

New Zealand Psychology Society

Support for overseas candidates who become TBI Health employees:

TBI Health will pay all costs and fees inside and outside New Zealand for recruitment. Employees pay the visa application fee, immigration agent costs if any, and airfares. Contribution to relocation costs can be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

TBI Health will provide support to do the job you have been hired for.

We will give you work-related settlement information including:

  • How to get an Inland Revenue (IRD) number
  • Relevant industry training and qualification information and options
  • Specific job or industry hazards
  • Accommodation options
  • Transport options
  • Cost of living
  • How to access healthcare services
  • Citizens Advice Bureau services
  • Information about relevant community groups like religious or migrant groups

Our vision is to lead the way in the rehabilitation industry, helping people with injury and illness to reach their full potential and lead happier and healthier lives.

Southern Cross Healthcare Joint Venture

TBI Health have formed a joint partnership with Southern Cross Healthcare to expand our wide range of rehab services including; sports injury management, post-surgical rehabilitation, vocational and pain management programmes.

We also hold rehabilitation contracts with ACC, third party insurers and private employer groups. In addition, our staff are affiliated with local and national sports teams.