In response to growing demand, TBI Health Well At Work team have developed specialised Wellbeing for Work services for workers with illness, medical conditions, non-musculoskeletal conditions and mental ill health requiring assistance to remain, sustain and/or return to work.

The thing is, humans aren’t machines. Life can be messy and unpredictable, and, from time-to-time, an injury, personal crisis or illness can take us out of action.


But at these times, bills still need to be paid, the families must be cared for and work continues.

Ill-health, in whatever form it takes, is a great challenge and cost for the individual, family and friends it affects, as well as for businesses who rely on and value that person’s work.

In fact, in 2018 New Zealand lost 7.4 million working days and $179 billion due to absence, and recent workplace surveys show this has been trending upwards since 2012.

In NZ, just one third of employers think their staff would benefit from improved wellbeing while 48 per cent of small businesses believe happy, thriving staff lead to increased productivity.

So, it might come as a surprise that for every $1 a business spends on wellbeing in the workplace $4 is saved.

Our Wellbeing for Work services have been developed because returning to, or staying in work, benefits both the employee’s recovery and their employer, in terms of better productivity and keeping valuable skills in house.

With our range of skilled health professionals to help, we can provide the right service at the right time by the right people.


Like our other Well At Work services, we provide three tiers of assistance:

  1. Prevention through wellbeing. This includes education, for instance, through train-the-trainer packages, as well as self-management, stress-management, resilience training and workplace and lifestyle improvements.
  2. Early Intervention by proactively and holistically stepping in before things escalate. This includes identifying and addressing contributors to a client’s symptoms or situation and enabling self-management of the problem through strategies such as goal setting, activity planning and cognitive behavioural therapy. Learn more about our Keeping Well When Working from Home service.
  3. Management services to assist clients experiencing mental illness or ill health to remain or return to work safely and appropriately. This includes those outlined under early intervention but may also include developing a return-to-work plan, ongoing monitoring to support staff at work and follow-up when required. We engage other health professionals, such as psychologists, to provide the right input at the right time.

TBI Health’s Wellbeing for Work services are widely accessible. There are no hidden costs.

How to get in touch

To find out more, get a free quote or to book an appointment with our Well at Work team, simply give us a call on 0800 824 432 or email

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